• Image of Black Beauty Leather and Silk Bouquet

Black, bronze and patent leather floral mixes with silk and metallic lace to create this gorgeous bouquet.

Completely handmade in the studio using antique tools.

Each flower and leaf is its own silk wrapped stem.

Made to order. Custom changes available upon request. Please contact the studio for information.

Measures about 8 1/2 inches wide and about 6 1/2 inches tall.

Emici Livet uses rare antique tools to create the studio floral by hand. It is very time consuming but the results are absolutely gorgeous and truly unique to the studio. Many of these tools had to be restored over several months because parts essential to their use were lost or destroyed long ago. This passion for art is what is delivered into every single piece created.

Emici Livet ships worldwide, if you don't see an option for your destination please contact the studio to add it.

Don't see the color or style that what you desire? Please inquire about having your own custom piece designed.

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