• Image of Seattle Bouquet

Part of my City Series, this is the Seattle Bouquet. When some people think of Seattle they may think of grey clouds and rain but not me. Seattle to me is vibrant and eclectic just like this bouquet. Full of inspiration and life coming from many different angles and yet it all comes together beautifully in a show of color and art.

The bouquet is tied in lavender and purple dupioni silk ribbons and topped with a vintage rhinestone button. Each stem is wrapped in emerald green silk dupioni.

Normally my bouquets feature clear rhinestones but I wanted this bouquet to be all about color. Each orange and fuchsia Catala bloom is centered with genuine freshwater pearls in orange or fuchsia and Swarovski ab crystals. The enormous teal silk bloom is also accented with peacock freshwater pearls and a gorgeous vintage brooch.

The small lavender blooms are created out of lavender dupioni silk and hand dyed ombre silk to create a special depth within the cluster. Each one is hand cut, pressed and centered with a genuine freshwater pearl.

Of course this would not be the Seattle Bouquet without an emerald flower for the Emerald City. This boasts a bold green ab vintage rhinestone center.