• Image of Evergreen Couture Leaf Bouquet
  • Image of Evergreen Couture Leaf Bouquet
  • Image of Evergreen Couture Leaf Bouquet

Love is unexpected and magical. Evergreen, the latest heirloom bouquet from Emici Livet, reflects one of the many ways that love can surprise you and be manifested. It represents an affection that never loses its leaves. Everlasting and beautiful, strong and true.

Evergreen is created out of two different shades of green silk velvet and several different types of foliage that are all cut and pressed in the Emici Livet studio using rare antique tools. Hand wired clusters of gemstones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals add luster and depth. This Emici Livet bouquet is a truly everlasting heirloom. Each stem is wrapped in one of three different shades of green silk dupioni and finished with velvet accents so it can be taken apart if desired.

Love is not always simple but it is always beautiful. Several shades of Swarovski crystals, natural stones and pearls combine to create accent sprigs. Delicate fern fronds in silk velvet lend their support. Airbrushed silk net cradles faceted green amethyst gemstones. As with all Emici Livet bouquets, this is an art piece. A reminder that when you love something, you see the worth and beauty within. It’s evergreen.

A demure bouquet that measures about 7 inches in diameter.

Emici Livet uses rare antique tools to create the studio floral by hand. It is very time consuming but the results are absolutely gorgeous and truly unique to the studio. Many of these tools had to be restored over several months because parts essential to their use were lost or destroyed long ago. This passion for art is what is delivered into every single piece created.

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