• Image of Perlina White Ivory and Cream Petite Silk Fabric Bouquet

This silk fabric bridal bouquet is comprised of hand formed flowers of various gorgeous silk fabrics in cream, white and ivory. Completely handmade and stunning!

Each flower is its own individual piece with a green dupioni silk wrapped stem that can be molded to any direction. This arrangement can be taken apart and arranged differently if desired.

You can order a custom color bridal bouquet created out of assorted silk fabrics for your wedding day that will last as a cherished keepsake for years to come. Please contact me for custom order information and pricing.

This is a special order and the bouquet ordered may vary slightly from the photo as with any handcrafted piece.

Measures about 8 inches tall (about 20-21 cm) and about 7 inches wide (about 17 -18 cm).